Dynamo Profressional Dynamo Professional

Dynamo Professional 7 in 1 with Eucalyptus

Advanced 7 in 1 formula with fresh Eucalyptus fragrance

Product details

Looking for an all-in-one shop? Dynamo Professional Eucalyptus provides you with 7 Actions in 1 Wash: Its advanced formula with a unique blend of active ingredients provides you with tough stain removal and Eucalyptus fragrance. 

With 7 actions in 1 wash:


  • 1 Cap (50mL) for a normal load (4-7kg or light to medium soiling)

  • 1 ½ Cap (75mL) for a large load/hard water (7kg+ or heavy soiling)

  • ½ Cap (25mL) for handwashing and soaking