First-class washing performance and protection of resources at the same time

Part of our self-image is for every Dynamo product to contribute towards sustainable development. For this reason, we focus on innovative and intelligent solutions which provide crucial added value: They combine first-class performance with responsibility towards people and the environment, whilst allowing our customers to use valuable resources like energy and water efficiently.


Dynamo helps you to remove stains with your very first wash, saving water, energy and your time! Dynamo cares about the environment with no effect on performance:

  • Phosphates have been removed from the formula making Dynamo more environmental friendly.
  • All surfactants in Dynamo liquid are readily biodegradable.
  • All Dynamo liquid bottles are made with recyclable high density polyethylene - please recycle.
  • All Dynamo capsules container are made with recyclable polypropylene and labelling are made of recycled paperboard and are recyclable - please remove after use and dispose into appropriate recycling stream.

Always use the correct amount of Dynamo for maximum results and minimum impact on the environment.